Subimagotipo Celesa


We guarantee the preservation of natural resources and sustainability;
all in the interest of the environment and future generations.


Environmental Sustainability

Celesa’s commitment to the environment is evident in the efforts and investments we are constantly doing:
Transition from chlorine bleaching to ECF & TCF pulps.
Physical-Chemical and Biological waste water treatment plant.
Black liquor recovery system.
Reduction of liquid and solid pollutants.
Improvement of the energy consumption.
Cerfification ISO 14001 under the highest standards of the European Union Environmental Protection Legislation.

Cleaning processes & waste recovery.
At CELESA, we understand that using special non wood fiber enables high levels of sustainability and environmental friendliness.
Our environmental policy is based on the application of the Best Available Technology (BAT) focused on the reduction of emissions to water and air and the reuse of water and sludge.
Our continuous effort to minimize the environmental impact is highly recognized and appreciated by all of our customers worldwide.

Rapidly Renewable annual plant fibres as sustainable raw materials

Wood fibres require larger land use than annual plants.
Annual plants help to reduce pressure on natural forest obtaining fibres from less ecologically sensitive land.
Non-woods fix carbon faster than trees making then highly efficient CO2 sinks.